Thursday, November 26, 2009

text versus video and podcast

More and more outlets (for want of a more attractive term*) are opting for video (or vodcasts) and podcasts, picture and words. This is not a bad thing.
Except, I can't skim through a recording of either kind -- not if I want to catch the gist of it.
If there is something to read, I can ascertain if the item in question is something I NEED to find time for or if I can move it off into one of my 'deal with this later/never' piles. Even better, with text, it is far easier to search for key words and concepts.
National Public Radio in the US, for example, is moving to provide, at no cost to us, transcripts of many of its programs/podcasts. I just wish more organisations were able to do the same.

* (similarly, when can we re-christen 'blogs'?)

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