Monday, October 5, 2009


Had a major computer crash last week and had to do a complete reinstall. Very sad, and very time consuming.
Personal stuff was backed up, although I lost a few days work as I had stopped backing up nightly a few months back, in favour of a weekly save. (Something I am regretting tonight, as I finally review just how much work I really did lose. But, with only a 2gig RAM, the back up process pretty much precludes any serious work while it is running. Kind of regretting the decision now, but it can't be helped really. I'm maxing out readyboost, but it is costly (and ridiculous) to add RAM to a computer that will need to be updated sooner rather than later.
But, the rebuild! I didn't have a mirror image of the OS to turn to (never again, I might add), so 160 updates from MS later, and I am almost back up and running.
IE is causing me major headaches though. It just ain't happy and crashes on a regular basis.
It's the getting things back to nice and stable and optimised to the way I work that is the time killer!
On that note, back to the grindstone, part II.

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