Thursday, October 15, 2009

End of luxuries in Japan -- at last

OK, that might have been a bit extreme, but I have seen a couple of articles recently about luxury brands shutting up shop or scaling back investment plans in Japan (but sales are roaring in China, including Hong Kong), and I have read them with relief.
Maybe Japan is finally reaching grown up status.
I know there are more than a few who will disagree with me, but I have always seen the obsession with spending large chunks of dime on 'statuswear' by a country's middle classes (and for a time in the '90s and '00s by a lot of the 'working class' etc.) as rather 'nouveau', striving.
I realise decking yourself out in label jeans, a Louis Vuitton handbag, and matching top and shoes (aside from being a rather boring 'uniform') is one way to distinguish oneself from a worker in the paddy fields. In the same way, many Asian women continue to use special whitening creams to achieve that whiter than white skin look, for similar reasons, to many in Asia still, a tan indicates time spent working in fields rather than lolling on a beach.
But, frankly, there are far more important things to be doing with the time, effort and money put into achieving such looks (IMHO).

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