Saturday, September 26, 2009


I love Australian weather. I really do.
The extremes, the outrageousness, the sheer awesomeness.
But, today, the dust storm returns, with far less glamour and brilliance.
And now, the darker dusk's hue is cooler too, 10 degrees and more.
I squeeze my windows ever tighter into their frames and shake off the grit layering my winter's warmest.
I shiver.
Inevitable headlines: Climate Change, bode poorly. More dust, more storms, more extremes.

Monday, September 21, 2009


From time to time, I find my life consumed with too much to do and far few hours to do it in. Usually, and with a little too much predictability, I have a little moan and bitch about to whoever is within earshot, before I actually do something about it.
The last few months has been one of those times.
At the start of the process, I couldn't have imagined I would have pared down so many parts of my life -- once more -- but I needed to find so many hours that, I guess, in some way it was inevitable.
Still, I have succeeded, and in the process upended most of my daily routines and habits -- all in the hope of shaving off an extra 10 minutes here or another 20 minutes there.
It adds up eventually.
After all, when you break a day down into all its constituent blocks, keep only the necessary, and then evaluate what parts of the necessary are truly needed and what parts are fluff and bubble (how did they sneak in there) time can be re-found.
The hard part of course is when all the fluff and bubble is tossed and you still need to find more hours. But even there, I have revisited some old tried and true techniques -- not necessarily good in the long term -- but handy for now.
Still, when you actually think about it, when you actually analyse that which MUST be done against that which SHOULD be done (and all those things along the desirable scale) there is an awful lot a human must fit into most days.