Monday, May 18, 2009

Vit C

This is going to sound preoccupied and silly -- but there is a reason -- and if anyone has any sensible advice I would really welcome it.

In some younger women's magazines these days you may see ads warning against drinking too much orange juice. Sound silly? The reason is that too much OJ consumption (or more specifically, too much of the acidic/vitamin C element) can irritate the stomach and over time cause stomach problems.

As someone who is well and truly guilty of the above, I used to live on the stuff, I can attest to that exact outcome. Over time, I became less and less tolerant, nowadays, I may drink a glass of OJ once a year, if that.

More significantly, I began to instinctively shy away from foods that irritated my stomach. Coincidentally, a number of these contain Vitamin C.

At the same time, I was finding myself more and more susceptible to colds and the colds would last for longer.

At various times, I have tried adding Vitamin C pills to my diet. Each time, the end result has been fewer colds, more stomach irritation.

Before anyone jumps all over the cause and effect 'obviousness' of these statements, try and take a step back. There is no scientific proof the two are linked.

But, last year, I did significantly increase my daily dose of Vitamin C. And, last year, I had no colds.

I did, however, have several significant stomach issues.

The doctor's advice? Try and find a balance.

So, I have decreased the amount of Vitamin C this winter, and apart from a bad flu early in the season (which was more flu than head cold) the daily sniffles are well and truly back, although no bad colds as yet.

Still, having spent last winter pretty much sniffle free, I am left wondering: were the particularly large doses of Vitamin C the solution?

Are Vitamin C injections a way of avoiding the stomach issues? Do I even want to consider injecting anything? [Answer: NO - I hate needles.]

Or do I just go on, trying to find some balance...

As I said, serious suggestions are more than welcome.

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