Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A natural interest in learning

Experience suggests I am the exception to the rule here, nevertheless, it never ceases to amaze me (and I say that without hyperbole) how I can surprise people with my knowledge of subjects and ideas that they assume I should know nothing about. Leaving aside people tainted by the realms of Spinbound - admittedly a constantly shrinking field - why is it that so many view the world so narrowly?
For me, the desire to learn is a given. Being inquisitive is a normal state of being. I want to know how something works. Not because I have to in order to survive (be that earn money, do business or get that next job) but because it is there.
Sadly, of course, I can't know or learn everything. The number of hours in the day that can be given over to learning are naturally limited, and even further limited by other important commitments. Still, I always want to know why something is, how something is, what makes it tick. I may not always have the time to find out, but once something has piqued my curiosity, I find I add it to the list of things I want to build up my knowledge about. Sometimes, I can't do that all at once, sometimes it may be years before it moves back on to the front of my agenda.
At the very least, I am always trying to gather as much as I can about those things that interest me, that may be of some use to me or applicable in some way at some time, or are just purely interesting in the scheme of things.
Is this so rare?
Perhaps it is. But, I find it disheartening to believe that it really is so.
(I have a few theories about why this may be -- next time.)

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