Thursday, May 14, 2009

Innovation in newspapers

A good thing surely, this innovation thing. But when that innovation screams 'we just don't get it" isn't there a problem?
Read this here and see if you agree.
The most hilarious quote of my day so far:

"Readers with an internet-connected computer and a webcam will be able to go to a purpose-built website and hold up papers ... to the webcam to view exclusive 3D animated content from the movie on their screen."


To state the obvious, if I have an internet-connected computer (and I don't even need the webcam) and can see movie content, even purpose-built 3D content. I don't need the newspaper at all to do that.

So, thanks for the chuckle. And innovation in newspapers is a wonderful thing, but innovation that pushes the envelope forward is, generally, the kind of development that people will pay attention to. The Daily Prophet in the Harry Potter books was cute, but I doubt it is a good match for the future of newspapers in the real world.

Newspapers are out of date too quickly, they have very limited revenue streams and they are printed on a costly resource -- paper. They have a limited remaining lifespan. Accepting that is probably the right step for everyone involved. Clearly, that is proving harder for some than others.

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