Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Glam Media Scores $10 Million; moves into Japan media space

Glam Media Scores $10 Million: "Glam Media" -- an interesting item from The Inquisitor today suggesting Glam Media has some interesting ties with Japan.

Including a move into the Japan publishing internet space with:
"Shogagukan, publisher of Pokemon comics; and Syeuisya, which runs one of the
country’s biggest women’s networks, S-woman.net. Several advertising agencies
are also involved in the deal."

In addition, it says:
"Mizuho Venture Capital, a subsidiary of Japan-based Mizuho Bank, is
leading the $10 million investment".

Not quite sure what it is all about, and what Glam Media thinks it offers that is not already delivered in Japan [and that is a serious question, not a snarky jibe]....

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