Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fujitsu's color e-paper mobile terminal FLEPia

Now this looks well on track in the e-paper/ mobile computing market. As Fujitsu terms it "the FLEPia is the first ever mobile information terminal to feature color electronic paper (color e-paper)."

Mobile Information Terminal, now that has a ring to it. MIT beats FLEPia hands down.

Anyway the 100,000 yen new play toy comes with Bluetooth, high-speed wireless LAN and Windows CE5.0 (Japanese), which apparently incorporates the use of MS Office and web browsing/email. The product was released March 20, 2009 in Japan only. And with a Japanese language OS, I can't recommend it to anyone who doesn't know their way around kanji (been there, done that), but there is hope. One day, in the near future (how many more years, for heavens sake?) someone will actually bring out a usable piece of electronics that effectively incorporates all we need in one device.

The press release can be read here. Caveat emptor, I have not even seen the actual product in real life. All the information here comes purely from the press release provided online.

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