Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution bore

I get it, resolutions, the keeping of them anyway, can be hard. Otherwise, we wouldn't make them. And sure, some people feel making New Year resolutions is a good time to clean house, so to speak. But, what is it with this ever predictable roll out of post resolution, "oh, I made a rash of New Year resolutions I know I won't keep' articles in the Australian media these days. As if being healthy, quitting smoking, taking up yoga, losing weight, drinking less or whatever 'good' thing you chose to do more of, are all things none of us will NEVER, NEVER be able to do. So "here we go, ha, ha, so much for those promises to myself" is the right tone for these articles?
Blech, I say.
OK, yes, someone preaching on from high isn't very nice either. None of us our perfect. And there is a good chance some of those resolutions are unrealistic, but for heavens sake. There is actually some pleasantness to lost weight, cumulative yoga work outs and fewer drunken weekends. Have you experienced the pleasure of a nicotine free life-style? The ease of a clear head and smoothly functioning body?
If not, give it a try. If you have, you know what I mean.
Happy New Year.

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