Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"iTunes News"

In a headline that caught my eye this morning David Carr of the New York Times is calling for an iTunes for news. The idea strongly appealed and I saved a copy of the article for later reading. An hour or two later, an RSS feed led me to this Vanity Fair blog post where they tried out a silly idea of how iTunes for news might just look.
Their early take seemed to be that the most popular downloads on "iTunes News" might be celebrity and/or salacious articles of various kinds. Possibly. But, I still don't define news as gossip. So why would gossip be on "iTunes News".
Besides, the idea of a brand new delivery package for news, a la the headline, rather than the precise implementation of iTunes but with news articles, has caught my attention.
As you may know, I created Japan Today as an online news source for Japan when nothing like it existed (of course, it is a poor imitation of itself these days, but that is another story). And I definitely have the bend of mind for this kind of thinking.
Anyway, as I said, Carr's headline got my attention. The VF article got me musing.

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