Monday, October 13, 2008

A sigh of relief

Of course, there is terrible news out there for people who have lost so much, especially older people who are facing much harder times in particular. For me, though, there is also a feeling of deep relief. A tight clamp has lifted from my chest.
The cause? I have had very little respect or tolerance for the values that have been given top billing over the last decade or so. I have never believed the new ways of running finance, even of doing business, were on a solid footing. Yet, in a world that believes you cannot argue with success, my instinctual distrust of ever grander financial engineering and ever more ridiculous efforts to turn humans into robotic productivity engineers had little standing.
Now, of course, my instincts are vindicated. Am I happy about it? Of course not. Too many people are suffering. Am I relieved that I will no longer have to put up with so many sheep blindly following the bling? Of course.
And while there is real danger, naturally, that societies can react badly in this kind of environment, I also have an immense feeling of hope. Instinctively, I feel we are on the verge of something truly great.
Can I explain why? To a degree, yes. But, can I offer statistics or over flowing bank accounts as evidence of this hope. No. And isn't that great!

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