Wednesday, October 1, 2008

'80s shoulders return

I was beginning to wonder if no one else had noticed big shoulders creeping back in on the runways in this season's fashion shows, but fortunately, I am not alone (the NY Times has run an interactive on some of the trends, here.
With so much of the '80s now back on track for a iridescent revival, it seemed unimaginable that shoulder pads could slip past the revival bandwagon.
Now, to watch all those fashion stylist mavens manage the combined u-turn of assuring us all that high waisted trousers don't make bums look big (contrary to the mantras sung just a few short years ago) or that large shoulder pads can be tweaked to avoid that football linebacker look. (Yeah, right).
I only every did it once, one winter, but I vividly recall trying to pass off 3 layers of shoulder pads as 'acceptable'; one pair in the shirt, another pair in the jacket, and another pair in the coat. It was absurd.
Let's see how far those mavens try to take it this time; and how many will fall for it.

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