Wednesday, September 3, 2008

METI Minister has a blog!

Just stumbled on a blog by (written for?) Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Akira Amari. It surprised me, somewhat, although I suspect the surprise was a bit unfair. The contents are much along the lines of what you could expect from a politician. News and photos of visits to various places in the country. There are lots of pictures of food, and of the minister eating said food.
I haven't met Amari personally, but his online profile (see here, in English) suggests he is very much a typical Japanese politician/bureaucrat. Born in 1949, educated in law/pol sci at Keio and then a long career as a LDP party hack.
Even if his blog is really just an online version of the standard political office newsletter, it is nice to see him represented online and actively posting (although I suspect the posting is done by someone other than the minister).
The blog can be viewed here. The text is in Japanese, but photographs of food and people need no translation.

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