Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mainichi Daily News -- for real?

I have no idea whether or not Mainichi Daily News (MDN) is serious about redirecting the nature of its online news site. Personally, I find it hard to believe that the entire organisation failed to notice that its English language version had been publishing raunchy, wild and extreme articles translated from the lesser realms of Japanese tabloid journalism (which is pretty wild and off beat most of the time) for years, both in print and online.

However, if I am to judge (from most of) the posts MDN has published to explain its actions since the old version of MDN was taken off line, there appears to be a genuine effort underway to provide a different kind of reporting; one that is more honest, accurate and a more conservative reporting on the news of Japan (although there is a definite "Japanese" tinge to their writing).

But, I have to have serious doubts that they truly understand the nature of the problem when I see who they have appointed as their advisory committee. Given the nature of their problem (a failure to realise sexist behaviour, the repetition of inaccurate information and not checking the "facts" are reported properly, as they acknowledge on the site) I would think having any individual on that committee who was not as "white as driven snow" on these matters, was an extreme failing. From personal experience, I can say that they have failed in this case.

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