Saturday, August 16, 2008

So, coffee is good, scratch that, great, for me?

I confess, I am a coffee drinker. I've been told I shouldn't drink so much. I've been told it is doing me harm. I've been told it is a diuretic. I've been told it keeps me up at night.
Should I feel guilty?
I drink it anyway. I enjoy coffee. I find it perks me up and gets my brain working, especially in the morning. I've experimented with not drinking coffee. I've cut out coffee in the evening and mostly in the afternoon. I've tried drinking a glass of water for every cup of coffee.
And the results?
Bad, bad moods. Sluggish starts to the day and too many visits to the bathroom.
I grant, though, that speeding the mind up with coffee at night is probably counterproductive if you are planning on sleeping.
And now, here comes an all-encompassing view from the NY Times, "Sorting out coffee's contradictions". [Read it please.]
So, today, I happily drank my morning cup of coffee, and then one more. There may be another article down the road contradicting "coffee's contradictions", but there are enough facts in there and conclusions that match my own to establish to me, and for now, that coffee drinking is by no means bad for me, and certainly could even be good for me.

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