Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reading at leisure, I wish

I read alot online. It is a habit I started some years ago, after getting my first 'modemed' up mac and then a compuserve account. It is a habit (vital) that eats into hours each day, pretty much eradicating any spare moments left for book reading or burying myself in a newspaper. And that is fine, the mediums have moved on and I got to enjoy the transition from early on in the piece.
But, more recently, I have been taking stock; evaluating just how hard it is to scratch out time to read away from the screen.
I recently got my hands on two books I am desperately keen to read, desperately keen to get lost in. So how much have I read so far? To say I have knocked off a chapter in each would be an exaggeration. Granted, I am flat out, burning the candle at multiple ends (it's a uniquely shaped candle). But, so what is new. I always have too much going on. I am not happy otherwise.
But, not only do I want to read each book on a personal level; they are both books I must read for my work. And there they sit, prominently propped by my bedroom door; seen every morning and every night -- in passing. Their presence noted; my continuing regret assessed; their pages unturned.
One day, one day soon, I will be able to tackle them a little more; gradually eating away at page after page. I hope.
But, in the mail last night, another 'must read' and a 'must view' and another 'must do'.
Today, I am still knocking off all the 'musts' in my inbox and tasks tray, let alone those other items that don't get catalogued electronically.
A former work colleague used to call it 'riding the bicycle'. Once you get on, you never get off, the wheel keeps on turning. And that was a time when the new fangled computer on his desk was rarely turned on.

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