Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well, I did it. Saw the movie -- and loved it. And if you haven't seen it yet, please don't read on. You will only spoil the fun.

And it was fun, and everything we have come to expect of it. I've lived that life -- in the past -- and, at the end, I yearned to go back, and dance that dance through life again. The colours were great, the production values were high and their were the moments of laughs, smiles and gentle tears.

I want the DVD, just to study the clothes further. The story, that could be enjoyed one more time, but the shots on the clothes were way too short and snappy.

The big problem, the one complaint that can't be made to go away, is the place given to the secondary, even to the tertiary characters. In the series, rightly, as the story lines and years progressed, more time was spent on the sub plots; on bringing depth to the men. This was missing this time around -- and the movie suffered for it.

Granted, after four years, the emphasis could return to the girls, there was more than enough for them to say and do. But, more depth could have been given to the boys; their failure to speak up, was at times a noticeable failing. Had there words been left on the cutting room floor? Had they even made it into the script? Too often, it felt the men were shortchanged.

Not doing so would have made this movie a perfect ending to an enchanting, gritty confection that deserves its plaudits (and some of its brickbats).

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