Monday, June 16, 2008

Japan urges greater role for its women

Yes, wouldn't that be nice. The white paper, unfortunately, is more words on a subject that has been rehashed repeatedly for years.

A government white paper on gender equality released Friday calls on the public sector to help women advance into leading roles in society.
Noting the relatively slight presence of female leaders in society, the 2008 white paper says women make up only 10.1 percent of the leadership of parent-teacher associations.
"Taking advantage of women's will and ability would be very fruitful for regional communities that are currently saddled with various problems," the report says.*

Yes, wouldn't it just.

But, then Japan, as we know, can surpise. Like this announcement, accepting the obvious (so long denied): Diet rules Ainu are indigenous.

* Sorry, this is the print version URL, JTO's online search is not returning any results (at this time).

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