Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Ikan -- I want one!!!

To quote from David Pogue's article on the topic:

Each time you’re about to throw away an empty container —
for ketchup, cereal, pickles, milk, macaroni, paper towels, dog food or whatever — you just pass its bar code under the scanner. With amazing speed and accuracy, the Ikan beeps, consults its online database of one million products, and displays the full name and description.
In a clear, friendly font, the screen might say: “Nabisco Reduced Fat Ritz Crackers 14.5 Oz.,” for example. Now you can toss the box, content that its replacement has been added to your shopping list.

The website is a pain though -- all Adobe flash. And the grocery order is supposed to go through Ikan, so a) there is room for Ikan to try and take a cut on the grocery bill (just what any of us need [NOT] and b) well, if they have a flash based website that is a pain to use, it doesn't bode too well for the actual product (more flash than substance?).
But, I love the idea and I want it now.
Pogue points out, and it is becoming a more common refrain -- where are the days of the Jetsons we were promised as children? With some significant differences (and the internet is one) the world is not all that much changed.

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