Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Endangered fish

Greenpeace has a new "red list" of endangered fish. It recommends we (that is you and me) avoid buying and eating these fish, as they are at risk for the following reasons:
    • They have a life history that makes them very vulnerable to fishing
    • They are commonly sourced from overfished and depleted stocks, or are being fished at such a high rate that stocks are being depleted rapidly
    • The fishing methods used to catch the fish are often highly destructive to other oceans creatures and/or habitats.

The list can be seen here, and it includes many of my favourite and a number of very common species, including Tuna, Eel, Haddock, Hoki, Red Fish, Orange Roughy, Atlantic Salmon, Tropical Shrimp, Sole and Swordfish.

Can anyone imagine Japan without these fish? It seems almost impossible. Of course, Japan has been a paradise for seafood eaters for a very long time. With the bubble and Japan's economic successes much of Australia's best seafood catches began making their way predominantly to Japan from the '80s on.

One of the smells "Japan" evokes in my mind is of fish; the slippery, cool, icy smell you come across in so many small fish shops dotted all over the country. Change has come to many other sectors, but it is hard to imagine Japan without that smell.

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